Our work in Consumer products

We uncover consumer needs and design beautiful, functional products, from concept definition to manufacturing oversight

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Becoming the #1 selling smartphone in Spain via a new design strategy

BQ needed to improve the perceived quality of their products and enhance their brand image. Mormedi helped the company in becoming the #1 selling smartphone in Spain via a new design strategy.

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Innovating products and processes for a global kitchenware brand

Lékué asked Mormedi to collaborate on creating a new, innovative range of products and also teach them about how to embed innovation processes into its ways of working.

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We boosted the online channel by implementing a new strategy for attracting and capturing leads

We redesigned the website of Tressis through a deep understanding of the brand. We developed a narrative, positioning the company as opinion leaders. We broadened the spectrum of audiences. We established an SEO-driven strategy to boost performance.

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Capturing a new market with attractive furniture designed for local needs

Escato wanted to enter the underserved modular furniture market in Mexico and asked Mormedi to design a range of modern, modular, and distinctive furniture according to the needs of Mexican customers.